About Praise 88.7

Praise 88.7 is a broadcast radio ministry of Alabama Christian Radio, a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry based in Auburn, Alabama and dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through radio.

Mission Statement

At Alabama Christian Radio, our mission is to have programming that will be positive and encouraging, with a focus on salvation in Jesus Christ, through our music, our programming and involvement in our community.

Alabama Christian Radio and Praise 88.7 were founded by Pat and Jimmy Jarrell in 2007 because of a deep desire to minister to the Christian community and to lead the lost to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Jimmy and Pat Jarrell on the air during one of the station's semi-annual Share-a-thons.

In July of 2013, Jimmy's battle with cancer came to a glorious end as he went home to be with his Lord. A few weeks before his passing, Jimmy said "I win either way! Either God will heal me and I'll have more time to tell others about Him or I'll get to go and be with Him. I can't lose."

So we celebrate Jimmy's passion for sharing Jesus as we continue this radio ministry in his memory, dedicated to the goal of reaching the lost in our community and telling them about the good news of the Gospel!

How to Know Jesus